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Asher Marie Collection Photo Shoot and Launch Party

The photo shoot and launch party for the Asher Marie Collection is just over two weeks away. Lucky Friday, March 13th, we are gathering family and close friends for an evening hurrah to celebrate the fashion line’s culmination, now over two years in the making (and over a decade of dreaming)!

fashion launch

Our photo shoot will showcase eight garments in the Asher Marie Collection’s debut fashion line. Models will wear 16-24 different looks creatively styled and accessorized using the inaugural garments. The photo shoot will capture images that we plan to use for the Asher Marie Collection media kit and look book.

Soon after the photo shoot we plan to offer the look book on the Asher Marie Collection website, and we intend to print hard copies to distribute at fashion and trade shows. As an emerging designer, I already have several fashion shows on the calendar. A forthcoming post will breakdown the fashion show circuit for those curious about this exciting and very fun process!

Loyal blog subscribers and new visitors, if you are not in attendance for the photo shoot on March 13th you can still raise a glass with us. Thanks to the mixology skills of our chef, we are including a sampling of our crafty cocktails below. (Remember, you can fill those ‘empty calories’ with nutrients by checking out our Vitamins and Vodka post at Her Heel Flops blog.)

cucumber martini

Basil Cucumber Martini:

3 slices cucumber

3-4 basil leaves

1 ounce simple syrup

1 ½ - 2 ounces of cucumber infused Gin or Vodka of your choice

1 fresh squeezed lime

orange mojito

Blood Orange Mojito:

8-10 fresh mint leaves, plus springs for garnish

1 ounce simple syrup

1 ounce white Rum of your choice

1 fresh squeezed lime

½ blood orange

5-6 ounces sparkling water

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