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Meet the Models Series: Rachel

Throughout the year the Asher Marie Collection team would like to introduce you to the talent who have dedicated their time and energy into modeling our many dresses, tunics, and resort wear pieces. Like the individuals who we design our collection for, these models have a deep love for world travel, beach life, and eclectic details.

Our models bring out the best in Asher Marie’s pieces and we would like to carve some space and time out to honor them here. Through our Meet the Models series we will take you on a behind-the-scenes look into our models’ lives so you can get to know a bit of the creative spirits we have grown to love!

What is your go to favorite eat?

I love food! My father is a bit of a foodie…but anything pasta or brownies! My mom’s brownies are the best…she tops them with powdered sugar and always undercooks them!

Favorite flick?

The entire Harry Potter series…I’m in my twenties, so I basically grew up with the cast! Or, I love Inception!

Jump on a plane now and go…where? AKA Asher Marie’s slogan, #betherenow

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic….I studied abroad this summer and completely fell in love!

What’s a color you can’t live without?

Sea Foam Green

Words to live by?

“Not all those who wander are lost.” Tolkien

How do you take care of you body? Today, fitness and health is such a personal journey, what do you do to stay in shape and feel good about yourself?

Power Yoga! Love the intensity and results!

Okay, let’s get down to business, you are beautiful and such a fun spirit…are you single?

Yes! I am and not committing to anyone anytime soon! I love the freedom and lack of drama. But, I’m not afraid of love either!

Do you have a fun childhood memory you could share?

My oldest sister taking me to Costa Rica for an extended summer trip! The beaches, the people, the nature, the beauty, the surf, the waterfalls, the food…she and her husband travel in style…it was AMAZING!

Interesting fact about you?

I love animals! I would seriously adopt just about anything that needed a home…I grew up this way, with dogs, cats, ferrets, fish and reptiles! Many were rescue animals.

What is your favorite Asher Marie piece?

I love them ALL!!! But, the Marissa probably tops the list…I literally get stopped in the street when I wear it! It’s sexy, yet elegant, vibrant and bold! I have seen women I their 20s and 60s pull off the same dress and look HOT…that says something!

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