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Very Thankful for our Collaborators at LA Swim Week

When we presented at LA Swim Week in July we were not just showcasing the various resort wear pieces in our debut collection. We were able to accessorize and adorn the runway models with items from a few vendors who were a pleasure to work with. The unique pieces from our collaborators beautifully complemented Asher Marie’s tunics, dresses, and travel pants.

Miller Mae Designs creates bohemian jewelry. You will find many of MMD’s pieces have vibrant gemstones, carefully placed feathers, and exquisite charms. Many of the beads and stones are sourced from all over the world. Earlier this year we provided tips on how to collaborate for a fashion photo shoot. It is important to partner with others who share your ideals. MMD is committed to creating pieces for women who love travel and influences of other cultures. The designs and materials are sourced by a mother-daughter team local to me in Raleigh, North Carolina. Not only am I matching the values of Asher Marie’s clothing, but I am further using another local business owner and parent. Their work is not just recognized locally. MMD’s pieces have been featured in Southern Living and VOGUE UK. Check out Miller Mae Designs on Etsy.

Shimmer Tatts - Temporary Tattoo Jewelry provided stunning body art for our models. Tattoo jewelry has grown in popularity in recent years, and the reputation is no wonder with fantastic products like those from Shimmer Tatts. These temporary body art bracelets, rings, and necklaces are easy to apply, retain their metallic sheer, and can take any outfit to another level. Shimmer Tatts are the summer rage in accessorizing now!

Myself and the rest of the team behind Asher Marie would like to extend our gratitude to Miller Mae Designs and Shimmer Tatts for their collaborative efforts at LA Swim Week. We spent our time on the runway the best way possible by sharing it with your pieces.

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