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Summer Beauty Prep

With the unofficial start to summer and Memorial Day just behind us, now is the time to update our wardrobe and prepare for the summer stresses our skin and hair will experience. Instead of acquiring tan lines at the onset of summer, take time to try sun-free bronzers and develop a healthy even tan before you start wearing your summer styles.

Whether you enjoy the pool or live near a beach, chlorine or salt plus sun exposure can damage your scalp and hair. In addition to a few organic tanning options below we also list a few ways to prep and fashionably style your hair to get ready for summer:

  1. Exfoliation. You might be hard-pressed to find someone who has not used moisturizer at least once during the winter after being indoors with dry air, then outdoors in the cold. (For many across the country this winter was particularly long!) As humidity rises through the spring we can help keep our skin hydrated with DIY home-made scrubs and drinking plenty of water. See our earlier posts on Her Heel Flops on at-home spa days and What’s in Your Water Cabinet. Exfoliating now can help your skin evenly absorb sunless tanners…

  2. Self-tanning. To help limit damaging UVA and UVB ray sun exposure and still get a tan, use bronzers or self-tanners. If you’re not comfortable doing this yourself or you want to get a tan with friends, check out services like Bronze Le Chic. Bronze Le Chic is a tanning company in Raleigh that uses organic spray tan products through a mobile service. They come to you and offer attractive pricing for parties ($25-$35 per person depending on the group size), plus the host gets a free tan if 5 or more people attend!

  3. Deep condition. Ask your hair stylist for a deep conditioning treatment or do one at home. To help nurture healthy hair before summer, try to limit heat from blow dryers and go natural. Boho style is back—and braids are a perfect fit to this style and reduce stress on hair. Jazz up your air-dried hair with bohemian-inspired floral crowns or delicate feathers.

What to wear? In addition to 1960s styles, tribal designs are popular. Of course, I can’t forget to mention that my fashion line’s initial collection includes several tribal patterns. :)

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