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Best Ways to Collaborate for a Photo Shoot

Aside from the logistics of event planning, how can a fashion designer streamline and maximize the benefits of a photo shoot? Take advantage of every opportunity and make opportunities. The Asher Marie Collection is designed by a female emerging designer, designed for women, and hopes to empower women-owned ventures. We incorporated these details in every decision when planning our photo shoot.

Thanks to the social media realm of Facebook, I recently reconnected with Tracy, a girl I went to grade school with in Naples, Florida decades ago. Tracy has a creative venture as well: She designs and creates beautiful clutches through her line Fleur De la Mar. Check out more on Etsy. She has a background in the fashion industry through pattern making. (Her family’s creativity goes back a few generations. Her grandmother was a fantastic sewer.) Tracy’s collection of clutches conveniently launches online the same time as Asher Marie’s collection and is also inspired by beach elements. Loving her designs and the fact that she is also an emerging designer, we paired several clutches with Asher Marie’s styles for the shoot!

How about choosing the right photographer? I had to invite Christa Hook. She has taken many family portraits for us since my maternity shoot in 2011. She recently relocated to Colorado, which is quite the hop-skip-and-jump from Raleigh! Even though she moved out west, Christa still travels back to North Carolina for clients. She is primarily a family photographer and loves babies, but she is super creative and patient...the perfect person to work with on this shoot! She is also giving me a huge break financially and is always supportive via social media. The girls all loved working with Christa as she truly is one-of-a-kind!

Aligning with partners who share your ideals helps you reinforce your brand. Plus, if your products are made for the same demographic you have a greater opportunity to attract your end-user by combining your efforts. Finding other designers and vendors to collaborate with for our first photo shoot has been a rewarding experience. The process has lead us to individuals who are fantastic to work with and will make our future shoots equally pleasant!

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