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What’s in Your Pantry?

It’s important as working women--and some of us, mothers--that we maintain a fit and healthy household year-round. And while many of us are settling into “holiday” mode, it’s easy to slip a bit on what we consume. Now, I’m not saying we don’t eat our fair share of Grandma’s banana bread or Nana’s cookies, but we strive to find balance and not lean too heavily on the ever-evolving and sometimes overwhelming food trends! My goal this year was to inspire my Asher Marie team to eat healthy and adopt a few pantry “staples” that could last the test of time and contribute to optimal health!

Coconut oil. Coconut oil has been shown to help reduce cholesterol and control blood sugar, plus it supplies Vitamins E and K, as well as iron. It’s great to mix in with oatmeal or switching out your standard oil in savory dishes. Coconut oil is not only a healthy alternative oil to use in recipes, it can be incorporated into your DIY beauty regime. On the topical level, coconut oil works wonders moisturizing skin and hair. Mixing pure essential oils with fractionated coconut oil creates the perfect massage oil! When used on hair, it can help prevent frizz and reduce dandruff. We not only keep it in our pantry, but also in our bathroom…I suppose you can see why!

Matcha. Green tea on its own offers many health benefits: Antioxidants, aids weight loss, reduces cancer risk, and more. Matcha is a finely processed green tea. This kind is usually more expensive than the traditional variety as the green tea leaves are ground down to a fine powder. Matcha is versatile. You don’t need to limit its use to hot lattes. You can dust the powder on desserts, blend in with savory sauces, or even infuse cocktails. According to Health, matcha green tea is pretty fashionable—it was the most popular drink at New York Fashion Week this year! However, while fashionable, it’s not just a trend and has been around for thousands of years! I love when the oldies remain goodies!

Chia. These little seeds could be mistaken for poppy seeds if you don’t keep containers properly labeled! Yes, chia seeds are the same ones that were part of popular Chia Pet gifts years ago. Now they are popular in pantries because recent studies have reminded consumers that these tiny seeds pack a huge serving of fiber, protein, and antioxidants. Like most of the ingredients above, you can do a lot with chia: Sprinkle in a smoothie, add to cookie batter, mix inside meatballs, and more.

What do you keep in your pantry? Does it change seasonally?

For more about how the Asher Marie team strives to keep health and balance, stay tuned. We plan to share more of our “lifestyle” tips right here on the blog. Have a suggestion or question, please contact us HERE!

xoxo Kaylee Founder & Principal Designer

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