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Summer Shake Up: Shakes, Smoothies, Juices & More

Aside from more frequent trips to the beach and outdoor entertaining, other benefits of warmer weather are summer protein shakes. Whether you need a quick on-the-go breakfast or to re-fuel post-workout, smoothies are an easy way to rehydrate and combine a few of your day’s fruit servings with restorative protein.

As popular fruit seasons transition throughout the summer and early fall…we have many options for local produce to add to smoothies. When you have sweet seasonal treats to add to the mix, dropping in a handful of spinach or kale does little to affect the flavor and you can enjoy even more fiber and nutrients in your shake.

Store-bought whey protein is not the only source of protein you can add to your shakes. Almond milk adds calcium, non-fat milk provides calcium and protein, and yogurt adds the same plus probiotics. (Check out our Greek Yogurt Recipes on Her Heel Flops.) Plus, ground flaxseed, wheat germ, and chia seeds can boost omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and even more protein.

In addition to smoothies, summer juices can provide a refreshing alternative to your traditional lemonade or sweet tea. Since they are so simple to make, it is fun to get the whole family involved. Fresh juices are also bright and pack flavor—perfect for offering guests a ‘healthy’ cocktail when entertaining.

Modern smoothie makers are much easier to use and maintain than they were ten or fifteen years ago. Whether you’re a die-hard Magic Bullet user, have a traditional blender, or a new model that offers travel to-go cup accessories – most contemporary appliances are dishwasher-friendly and help save meal prep and clean up time.

Juggling a family, a healthy fitness routine, and creating balanced meals might not be feasible every day. Look for ways to take the burden of creating smoothies off your shoulders. The Beachbody franchise’s meal replacement line, Shakeology, balances nutrients in a variety of flavored shakes. You might have local fresh juice suppliers in your area. Here in Raleigh, several juice servers opened in the past few years: Raleigh Raw, Humdinger Juice, and Cold off the Press to name a few. Most offer online ordering and deliveries so you don’t even need to leave home.

Do you have any favorite smoothie ingredients? Share with us on Twitter @shopashermarie.

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